CQ Worldwide DX Contest

The CQ WW is the largest Amateur Radio competition in the world. Over 35,000 participants take to the airwaves on the last weekend of October (SSB) and November (CW) with the goal of making as many contacts with as many different DXCC entities and CQ Zones as possible.

Our results in CQ Worldwide DX Contest:

CQWW WPX Contest

The WPX Contest is based on an award offered by CQ Magazine for working all prefixes. Held on the last weekend of March (SSB) and May (CW), the contest draws thousands of entries from around the world.

Our results in CQWW WPX Contest:

Russian DX Contest

The rules concepts for The Russia DX Contest were developed in 1994. The organizers ran a small, twelve hour, proof of concept test in 1994 July. Rules were adjusted based on this experience and the date was fixed on the third weekend of March.

Last year, 737 logs were received from 56 countries containing over 368,964 QSOs. To put this in perspective, the IARU contest receives about 1400-1500 logs… and the most popular contest (1998 WW SSB) had 3570 logs submitted.

According to these logs, 3818 stations were reported to have made at least 2 QSOs in the contest.

Logs containing more than 1000 QSOs doubled last year, and participation has exploded, growing 50% every year to date. The attraction seems to be clever rules and a good date on the contest calendar.

Our results in Russian DX Contest:

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